manage IT as a business

IT As an Internal Service Organization

Running IT as a business delivers the biggest bang for the buck – highest business value for the lowest cost. Businesses get that value through leaner operations, faster time to market, and improved capability. IT Organization also gains because it makes better decisions about IT. This white paper describes the best practices in establishing IT as an internal service organization. Excellent Read!

Public Return on Investment (ROI)

How do you measure return on investment in the public or government or not for profit sector that do not produce revenues or profits and differentiation is really not a factor? Public Return on Investment (ROI) is a framework for measuring value of IT investments in these environments.

Business Decisions for IT

Are decisions about IT being made with business objectives in mind? The authors argue that financially sound decision-making along with financial transparency for both business and IT executives is no longer an option when cost containment and accountability are paramount.

IT Financial Management Using Agile Methodology

This presentation discusses using the agile methodology in IT financial management projects – What is Agile Project Management? What is the Scrum project management framework? How can it be applied to an IT Financial Management project? Where can I get more information?

Introduction to Price Analysis

This presentation discusses price analysis in depth – what is price analysis? why perform price analysis? how to perform price analysis?

Making the Pricing Decision

This presentation discusses in depth the factors governing pricing decisions and how to use them to gain competitive advantage. Excellent read!

Setting a Price for Services

This presentation discusses the objectives and factors governing pricing of services and tries to make the connection between price and value.

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