organizational capability analysis

IT Strategic Capability Audit

This report describes the results of an audit of the key drivers of IT capability – IT Strategy, IT Governance, Enterprise Architecture etc. – to analyze their ability to deliver business results and make an assessment of the actual results delivered. (50+ pages)

A Framework for Business Capability Alignment

This paper describes a holistic framework to connect strategy, processes, people, and technology to create business results. This "organizational alignment" provides a mechanism for complementary capabilities that combine to create unprecedented business value.

How Does IT Create Business Value?

This presentation discusses the IT organization at General Motors – key roles and responsibilities – and how it adds value to the business. (This is a pre-meltdown and bailout presentation so much might have changed since!)

The Coherence Premium

Is your strategy revenue focused? Some companies start by building differentiated capabilities aligned to market opportunities – the author argues that the market rewards them with sustained superior results.