Topic: role of the CIO

The Changing Role of New IS/IT Leaders

This study compares leadership roles, individual characteristics and position characteristics of newly appointed IS/IT executives (those who have been in their position for two years or less) with established IS/IT executives…Survey results indicate that new leaders spend more time in the informational role and in the change-leader role than established leaders.

The Revolutionary CIO

The author argues for a revolutionary role for the CIO – not just business leaders or strategists that the evolution of the role envisages. In 2011, a CIO needs to be a revolutionary "because cloud, social computing and mobility are fundamentally disruptive capabilities, shaking up business models and transforming how business is done"<br /><br />Can a CIO be a revolutionary who "challenge old rules, break up established institutions and overthrow business as usual – in the name of the greater good."

Is CIO an IT Expert or a Business Executive?

This research thesis explored the factors affecting the Chief Information Officer (role) and the role of the IT organization in business strategy planning and execution. The research found that the CIO role has already evolved to that of a business leader. Now, the challenge is to manage the transition of IT oriented CIOs to business leaders with technical competency.

The Future CIO

This paper discusses the business and technology trends shaping the business landscape and their implications for the IT organization and the CIO Role. The key takeaway is to create a capability to monitor and assess trends and create strategy to harness them for business value.

A Review of the CIO Role

This research project set out to understand the role of the Chief Information Officer (CIO) and its evolution over time and progressions going forward. The investigation determined the importance of alignment between senior management expectations and the role played by the CIO – it is an imperative for both the CEO and the CIO to clearly enunciate their expectations.

Reshaping the CIO Role in a Web 2.0 Environment

This paper describes the implementation of an interactive portal to help the CIO manage the information enterprise – provide a process for strategic planning, and governance.

Evolving Role of the CIO

Today, the Chief Information Officer (CIO) role is not the "IT Guy" – s/he is a business leader driving business transformation, innovating, creating competitive advantage and being a strategic partner to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and other CxOs. This paper details the view of CIOs who have made this transition. Their consensus? CIO role has the opportunity to evolve into a business leader role and remain relevant to the enterprise.

How can a CIO Drive Strategy?

This compilation of interviews with CIOs illustrates how they are transforming their role from that of technology head to business leader.

Opportunities and Challenges for the CIO Role

This report discusses the challenges and opportunities facing the modern CIO. It shed light on the CIO role – highlights that currently the CIO focuses more on "IT Management" rather than "Information Management," has broad authority but is not empowered to succeed, can affect IT outcomes but is not held accountable for them – and makes recommendations to make it more effective.

Is This A Time of Opportunity for the CIO?

This CIO survey polled over a hundred and fifty CIOs from every business sector to shed light on the trends and outlook for the IT function. The conclusion? "faced with increasing competitive pressures, accelerating decision cycles and a new generation of tech savvy users, companies are looking to their CIOs as advisors and agents for business responsiveness, agility and collaboration."

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