Application Portfolio Management

Case Study – Application Portfolio Management Methodology

This paper presents a framework and process to manage the application portfolio of large corporations. An excellent discussion for the CIO who wants to understand the issues underlying effective management of application portfolios and how to address them. Excellent Read!

Application Portfolio Management in Practice

This white paper introduces application portfolio management and explains in detail how to use it as an IT Governance tool – the key connection is made with Enterprise Architecture Planning. Good Read!

Application Portfolio Management Framework Case Study

This document describes a framework for application portfolio management and uses it to rationalize the application portfolio of a major company. An excellent example of how to use APM in the enterprise. MUST Read!&nbsp;<br />
(150 pages)

Designing an Application Roadmap

CIO can think of themselves as Software Company CEOs or Product Managers – one hat, there are others of course! Now, with changes in the business environment, internal customers requirements, and the ever increasing pace of technology change, how does your application portfolio keep up? This paper discusses creating an application roadmap that innovates driven by constant change. An excellent discussion for a CIO, and their Enterprise Architect to have!

Strategic Application Portfolio Management

This paper presents a strategic approach to application portfolio management recognizing the importance of strategy which drives applications and a roadmap that represents the transformation of the application portfolio over time. It discusses key concepts in application portfolio management and why APM is critical to an enterprise&#39; prosperity over time. Excellent Read!

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