Seven Myths About Outsourcing

In recent years, there’s been a seemingly endless boom in offshore outsourcing. But companies that think handing off an operation to an overseas provider is easy can get a rude awakening.

Hidden Risks of Outsourcing

As more companies move to outsource services currently performed in-house, they’ll likely encounter a slew of risks, some of which become clear only when something goes badly wrong. Managers will have to mitigate these risks in order to reap the substantial benefits that outsourcing provides.

The Globalization of White Collar Work

Research by Duke and Booz Allen Hamilton reveals that offshoring is increasingly used to bridge shortages in local talent rather than to replace onshore jobs, and that the persisting impediments to its success are primarily internal and organizational.

Reining in Outsourcing Risk

Exporting business processes creates all kinds of opportunity for trouble, but companies can do much to reduce the threat. Experts from the Wharton School and Booz Allen Hamilton weigh in.

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