PPM Guide and Templates

This document details a project portfolio management process, and provides supporting templates for the entire program lifecycle – from concept to outcome. The PM templates included are: program charter, program plan, program risk management, program monitoring, post implementation review, business outcomes review, and various stage gate reviews. Very good resource for project, and program management. (100 pages)

Project Portfolio Management Trends

This research explored the state of Project Portfolio Management (PPM), and emerging trends in its practice. Excellent resource for a CIO to understand what other organizations are doing in PPM, how they have implemented it, where is the discipline headed, and what are some practices that might produce better outcomes.

Project Portfolio Management (PPM) Best Practices

This presentation introduces Project Portfolio Management (PPM) and guides you through an implementation process. The author stresses the fact that PPM tools are important but they alone do not ensure success of your initiative – you must have the right skills to get the job done. What are the specific skills needed to ensure success? The presentation details each skillset required and how to source it.

Measuring Project Portfolio Management (PPM) Success

Dude, where are my benefits? A CIO is sure to ask this question after the completion of a project or PPM initiative. This white paper helps you understand best practice process on how to identify, and measure the success of a project – what are the benefits accrued? how do we calculate them? It provides examples to illustrate the approach and help you implement it in your organization.

Project Portfolio Management (PPM) Tips and Tricks

If there was a single thing that Project Portfolio Management (PPM) must get right it is: right from the start i.e. getting the right projects to invest in. This ensures success without the waste associated with failed projects. So, how does a CIO ensure that they have selected the "right" projects? This paper discusses tips to project selection – use them to ensure that you pick only gems in your portfolio and deliver higher business value to the enterprise.

Beyond IT Governance and Project Portfolio Management

This paper argues that while project portfolio management (PPM) tools, templates, and techniques can create substantial business value, they must be combined with governance, and financial discipline to create the most business value for the organization. 

A Framework to Calculate Project Portfolio Management Tool ROI

This paper describes a framework and steps to assess the return on investment created by project portfolio management tools, templates, and techniques. You can use this to create a business case to evaluate and select project portfolio management tool or software platform for your organization or assess the effectiveness of an existing PPM implementation.

Project Portfolio Management Tool ROI

This research study clearly demonstrates the value created by organizations across various industries when they used project portfolio management tools, templates, and techniques. An excellent fact sheet to use if you are making a case for PPM tool or software platform in your organization.

Project Portfolio Management Business Case

Why use Project Portfolio Management (PPM)? CIOs recognize that one of the most effective ways to ensure projects and programs success is through formal portfolio management. However, there is little data on the actual delivery of business value or ROI through PPM tools, templates, and techniques. This research bridges that gap by providing empirical evidence with practical case study examples of the benefit of using PPM.

Case Study – Project Portfolio Management Platform ROI

This case study describes the implementation, and benefits – return on investment (ROI) and intangibles – derived by an organization that implemented a Project Portfolio Management Platform. The discussion pertains to a specific firm but can be used to understand the benefits your organization can derive by using PPM tools and platforms. You can also use this to create a business case for your PPM tool/platform purchase.