project portfolio management best practices

Measuring Project Portfolio Management (PPM) Success

Dude, where are my benefits? A CIO is sure to ask this question after the completion of a project or PPM initiative. This white paper helps you understand best practice process on how to identify, and measure the success of a project – what are the benefits accrued? how do we calculate them? It provides examples to illustrate the approach and help you implement it in your organization.

Project Portfolio Management (PPM) Best Practices

This presentation introduces Project Portfolio Management (PPM) and guides you through an implementation process. The author stresses the fact that PPM tools are important but they alone do not ensure success of your initiative – you must have the right skills to get the job done. What are the specific skills needed to ensure success? The presentation details each skillset required and how to source it.

Beyond IT Governance and Project Portfolio Management

This paper argues that while project portfolio management (PPM) tools, templates, and techniques can create substantial business value, they must be combined with governance, and financial discipline to create the most business value for the organization. 

Strategy Execution and Portfolio Management

The authors take a critical look at traditional portfolio approach which treats each individual project as separate, distinct and unrelated to each other and propose an alternative approach that optimizes the entire portfolio factoring in the interdependencies between projects. This portfolio management approach create better synergy with strategy and business results.

Project Portfolio Management Governance

What are the two critical elements of project portfolio management governance? Executive sponsorship and program office. This document discusses project versus program portfolio management, getting executive involvement, and setting up a project or program management office (PMO).

Management of Portfolios

This best practice brief whitepaper discusses management of portfolios from a new product development perspective – agruing that how you spend your money is more important than how much you spend, it makes the case for portfolio management as the guide.

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