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Project Portfolio Management Maturity Model

Periodic evaluation is key to maximizing returns from an investment. Your investment in creating a Project Portfolio Management capability is no exception. The PPM program must be assessed and, if needed, course corrected.

Maturity models are an invaluable tool for assessment. They act like a compass – telling you where you are, if you are moving in the right direction and most importantly, how close you are to your destination. Using a maturity model for PPM can provide insights that guide the CIO in the right direction.

Toward that end, this week, we are referring you to an excellent discussion on PPM Maturity using a model specially crafted for the purpose.

Hope you find it helpful in your journey!

e-Book: Project Portfolio Management Maturity Model

Case Study – Project Portfolio Management Framework

This case study proposes a framework for project portfolio management (PPM) that is ideally suited for efficiency driven project portfolios. This framework might be ideally suited for IT Portfolios because they are focused on efficiency. Excellent discussion for the CIO! (100+ pages)

Case Study – Project Portfolio Management (PPM) Implementation

This case study explores the implementation of Project Portfolio Management (PPM) with a focus on the value delivered. It discusses the causes of PPM not delivering to its potential and proposes ways to overcome them. Excellent Discussion for the CIO! (100+ pages)

IT Portfolio Management Charter

This document details a project charter for IT Portfolio Management. CIOs can use it to create a charter for the IT Portfolio Rationalization governance at their own organizations.

A Process for Managing Innovation Using a Portfolio Approach

This paper introduces a portfolio based approach for innovation management. Excellent discussion for the CIO to understand how to use Project Portfolio Management (PPM) to improve returns on their innovation efforts both within and outside the IT Organization. (100+ Pages)

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