IT Governance

Improving the Stage Gate

The criticism against traditional stage gate process is that it is inflexible, overly complicated, and bureaucratic. The three things that are known innovation killers. So, how does one use this invaluable innovation implementation tool from killing what it is designed to help? A few tweaks can make all the difference in the world.

Toward that end, this week, we are referring you to a new framework for stage gate. It makes this iconic process nimble, simple, and smooth. CIOs will gain from this framework because what you do all day is innovate, not just support the business in innovation!

e-Book: A New Framework for the Stage Gate Method

E-Book: Six Sigma Bible

IT Governance is a blunt instrument unless supported with quantitative analysis and tools. Fortunately, CIOs can borrow these tools from other disciplines. Six Sigma is one such tool. You might not realize it but you are running a manufacturing shop in more ways than one! But Six Sigma is applicable to most processes – Isn’t quality a basic requirement for all IT processes?

This week, we are referring you to an excellent soup-to-nuts discussion on Six SIgma – what is it and how to deploy it for effect.

e-Book: Six Sigma Bible

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