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The Customer Demand For Artificial Intelligence (Part 2)

Last week, we started exploring the potential of artificial intelligence with a look into its use by consumers. This week, we continue that big picture look into artificial intelligence by exploring its impact on society, economy, industry, and business. The use of artificial intelligence to solve some intractable problems in the world such as job growth and hunger has benefits for business. This discussion is useful for business leaders not only because they they want to make this a better world for everyone but also because therein lies a massive business opportunity. So, whether this appeals to your heart or your mind, read on!

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Customer Demand for Artificial Intelligence

A business leader must ask the most basic question about any disruptive technology: what is the market opportunity? In other words, how can I use it to create value? At the core of this question is customer demand. Artificial intelligence is going to be a key tool for the enterprise because society at large will use it – directly or indirectly. So, the question then becomes: how?

Toward that end, this week, we are referring you to an excellent discussion on the adoption of artificial intelligence by people. CIOs can learn about the potential of this technology and then walk back to ways to deploy it to address this demand. Nothing gets you a seat at the table faster than an understanding of your company’s business model.


e-Book: Artificial Intelligence in Action

This e-book discusses the use of artificial intelligence in solving real life business problems. An excellent discussion for the CIO who wants to understand how to use AI in their organization. (40 pages)

e-Book: Artificial Intelligence and Economy

This e-book discusses the use of artificial intelligence for economic growth. CIOs, as business leaders, must understand the big picture of business and how specific disruptive technologies are shaping the landscape around them. (60+ pages)

Introduction to the Internet of Things

Before a technology is adopted in the enterprise, a thorough analysis of its potential is a requirement. This analysis should evaluate the technology for its potential to address a business priority and assess the organization’s readiness to use it. CIOs need to understand what this technology assessment entails.

Toward that end, this week, we are referring you to an in-depth discussion on technology assessment of Internet of Things. You can use this as a template to conduct technology assessment and/or understand how Internet of Things can provide competitive advantage to your enterprise.

e-Book: Primer on the Internet of Things

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