An Overview of Cloud Computing

This presentation provides a 2 minute overview of cloud computing – what is it? Why is it in vogue? What are the barriers to its implementation? What are the benefits of cloud computing?

Virtualization Strategies

This presentation provides a good overview of scenarios and planning for server, application and hardware virtualization. It is a very good resource for anyone who wants to understand the rationale behind virtualization – server, application and hardware.

Green Computing Guide

This guide presents "going green" at the data center level in simple and easy to understand terms. It starts with a simple question: why go green? My reason is simple: because god wants me to clean up the mess I create. Some others want a logical explanation so this guide provides it. Then it goes into more complex issues touching upon key areas in a data center that are killing the planet!

A Guide to Virtualization

An excellent soup to nuts discussion on virtualization. This is perhaps the best presentation on Virtualization that I have reviewed. MUST READ!

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