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Executive’s Guide To Managing People

In the glitter of leadership, management seems to have lost its appeal. Much like the glamor of strategy seems to have overshadowed the indispensability of operations. Can a leader really succeed without superior management skills? CIOs cannot create business value without understanding how to manage their organization to perform at its peak.

Toward that end, this week, we are referring you to an excellent discussion on management. This e-book covers the essentials of managing an organization – it makes the case for effective management and show the path to becoming an effective manager.

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Leadership Lessons from an Expert

A very interesting compendium of lessons learned on the job by a world renowned leader. Good tips for the CIO to pick up to become better leaders.

The Inspirational Leader

One of the key responsibilities of a leader is the motivate their team. Fail to do this and your mission fails. Succeed at this and you get ordinary people do extraordinary things. I consider this skill to be a foundational skill of leadership because motivated employees not only perform better but also have a better attitude that propels those around them into a higher performance orbit. Not to mention the massive benefits of employee retention etc.

CIOs must pick up this skill if they want to transform themselves into business leaders. There is no way around it!

Toward that end, this week, we are referring you to an excellent discussion on inspiring people – why does it matter, how to do it, and what results it can produce for you

e-Book: The Inspirational Leader

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